Look at this cute Fennekin I stole from my sister while I was visiting earlier this weekend. -3-

Oh yaay fennekin stolen. But im good with this. Haha. Heather the fabric for your actual plushie came in woo!

Phoenixwolf brothers! Me and Cosmic finally got a picture together at the London Furs meet this weekend!
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I really like mystery dungeon. I really want a x y one. Id imagine Charmander Bulbasaur and Squirtle would be choices too prob. Unless the cheap out on choice of character like black and white. Really hoping Goomy and Espurr haha.
Here they are all done, i might add backs and laminate them too, if i do the backs they will have info about them and of course a chibi picture. Hoping in the next month to be able to take a couple commisions for badges on my Furaffinity account. So if your interested let me know what you think, I was thinking of starting them at $5 or maybe $10 (for the art only as shipping is rather pricy, so it would be a print your own sorta thing). Also all the characters are my personal creations. And finally, I will soon be giving one follower on my tumblr the chance to win a badge themselves. So stay posted for all the excitement! Yay!
I made a picture out of cake. Its a witch or something haha.